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Jacksonville local election schedule

Request your Feb 23rd Consolidated Primary absentee/mail-in ballots from the County Clerk 217-243-8581

Early voting at the courthouse until Feb 22nd

8:30am - 4:30pm/Mon-Fri

9am - noon Sat Feb 20

Consolidated Primary

Feb 23rd

Consolidated Election

April 6th

Dec 9, 2020

City works with local group to provide for homelessness











Jan 19, 2020

City Councilor Works to Get the Word Out on Burned Out Street Lights

Ward 3 Alderman Brandon Adams who serves as a Member of the city Utility Committee, reported during Monday’s counsel meeting that following some recent complaints from constituents in his ward, he drove around and counted 14 street lights out in his area.

Adams says that there can be some confusion for residents about who is responsible for maintaining the lights and notifying of outages.

“There are a couple different ways that it works. If you have lighting on your own property that you pay Ameren a service fee to have that light on, then that would be on your own. If the light is on the street, then that is the city of Jacksonville’s bill, but Ameren still takes care of it. A lot of people get confused on who’s responsibility street light that are out, falls under, and it’s actually all Ameren that does the actual repairs.”

Jan 15, 2020

City clears way for pot-based businesses

Alderman Brandon Adams presented several petitions with at least 40 signatures asking that the ordinance pass to allow for medical-use, adult recreational-use and lounge businesses.

“This is a great opportunity for Jacksonville,” Adams said.

With sales upwards of $19 million across the state since cannabis for adult recreational use became legal Jan. 1, the ordinance provides opportunities for the city to benefit from that revenue should cannabis-based businesses open in the community, Adams said.